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Level up your team the smart way.

Meet your teams personal learning assistant. We do the reading-you do the succeeding.

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6 Members

The mathematics of love
The biological mind
Why is sex fun?

Each team member will have total access to all the books on Lobab

Fill in skill gaps and help your team stay sharp with powerful ideas.

Our experts read 1,000 books a year and distill their key insights into meaningful, actionable, 15 minute reads for whatever mobile device your team likes best

Highlight Ideas

Highlight and save great insights from great minds

Ready On-the-Go

Read no matter where in are and anytime you like

Audio + Text Format

The book content is presented in both audio and text format

Expert-curated lists.

View reading lists that have been carefully curated by the experts.

Offline access

You can access your entire library even when you’re offline.

Turn every single moment into a learning opportunity.

With Lobab, huge gains take just a little time. We break down big ideas into small increments, so at coffee, during downtime, or on the way to work, no moments is too small to learn something new.

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