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Privacy Policy

Information Collected Initially

Lobab collects certain types of data from you in response to your request to register for Lobab’s services via the website or a Lobab app. These data consist minimally of your name and email address. Should you choose to register using your Facebook or Google account, then Lobab will possess your name and your Facebook or Google name. In such a case, Lobab will maintain your Facebook or Google name in its records to continue to authorize you to access Lobab’s interface. However, Lobab will never post any notices or other materials to your Facebook or Google account without first asking you for your explicit permission. Lobab has no actual access to your Facebook or Google account, nor does Lobab have any ability to capture your password credentials or other private information.

Lobab also collects legally available data using automated methods. When you visit Lobab’s website, a record of your visit remains in Lobab’s database. Such data are technical in nature, such as the identification of what kind of internet browser you are using, what kind of operating system you are using, and the time and date of your website encounter. These kinds of data serve no purpose in tracking you on any level, and they are common to all website activity in all organizations.

Specific Types of Data Collected via Specific Contact Instances

In addition to the foregoing types of data, other types of data become accessible to Lobab due to various kinds of interaction modes. First, unless you have disabled this feature on your mobile device, Lobab will collect the “mobile advertising identity” furnished by your device. Should you wish to prevent this data provision, please be sure to disable the relevant feature on your device. Second, Lobab uses cookies to facilitate website access. Cookies consist of small bits of data that your computer accepts from Lobab and stores on your own computer. They are harmless and enable greater security and faster connections to Lobab’s offerings. On your own, you may reconfigure your computer’s properties to prevent the creation of cookies if you wish. You may also specify cookie deletion immediately after each interaction. Third, Lobab uses a tracking service to gather data that describe the general behavior of the various visitors who access Lobab’s webpages. This data tracking further enables Lobab to optimize the user experience. It detects the cookies on your computer to create pseudonymous user profiles with no personally identifiable information in them. This action prevents any possibility of detecting who you are through the tracking system. Nevertheless, you retain the ultimate choice over whether to allow Lobab to collect these data at all. Fourth, Lobab’s webpages will regularly present various social-networking buttons to enable you to recommend Lobab’s products and services to people you know. When you choose to click on any of these invitations to share your experiences or send out recommendations, Lobab’s automated systems will collect technical data such as the IP address that you are using, the browser that you are using, and the computer or device that you are using (i.e., operating system and type of computer/device). Other data collected in these instances may include your screen resolution, relevant plugins that you have installed, and your website of origin before contacting Lobab. Fifth, signing up for the Lobab newsletter will cause Lobab’s systems to collect your email address for advertising purposes, given that the newsletter is a form of advertising. You are welcome to remove your name from Lobab’s subscription roster whenever you like. To do so, simply locate the link for that purpose, which is always at the bottom of the message. Sixth, if you are enjoying Lobab’s products and services during a temporary period of free access or trial, any purchases that you make will cause your payment information (e.g., credit card details) to enter into a dedicated financial service to process the payment correctly. This financial service operates outside of Lobab’s control, as it is a third-party financial-services provider. Lobab receives only that information that is necessary, on a temporary basis, to enable the financial transaction, similarly to how you purchase items in a grocery store.

Aside from these modes of data collection, which Lobab carefully minimizes, ensuring no unnecessary data collection while enabling the maximum possible customer data deletion allowable by law or contract, Lobab must also collect certain kinds of data for other reasons. First, governmental authorities may request certain kinds of information about individuals if they present the necessary warrant and legal authorization. Second, copyright holders may have a right to certain kinds of information relating to their own products, insofar as Lobab might, from time to time, use copyrighted products under license as part of its product or service offerings. Third, Lobab must collect data relating to any potential misuse of its systems, products, services, or interfaces. Fourth, Lobab, or a responsible third party, must often collect data as part of a trouble-shooting or problem-solving effort, such as in response to your request for technical assistance.

Lobab’s Use of Your Information

Lobab uses the information that you provide in four specific, limited ways. First, Lobab will try to tailor your experience to those indications of your needs and wants that we are able to discern. For example, if you inform us of your preferred reading categories, we will try to avoid distracting you with irrelevant categories. Second, Lobab will keep working to improve and refine the web and app experiences. Based on your requests and feedback, we will give greater priority to selecting offerings in general that meet your needs. Third, Lobab will continue to try to improve its customer service structure. Your information, requests, and feedback give us key insights into how best to respond to your stated needs. Fourth, Lobab will want to send you email messages or newsletters periodically, to inform you about any new offerings, options, or features that might interest you. Lobab may also request feedback from you in this way to discern your experience in using Lobab products, services, or interfaces. You are always free to unsubscribe from receiving email messages or newsletters, at any time, and for any reason. To unsubscribe, simply click on the dedicated link at the bottom of the email message or newsletter.

Third-Party Disclosure of Your Information

Lobab will never trade, sell, communicate, or transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside party, except as necessary to trusted intermediaries with which Lobab must contract to effectuate the full range of its services. For example, details from your financial institution must become available to Lobab’s financial institution to process payments. Similarly, details about your device must become available to our processing intermediaries to ensure that you receive your requested products efficiently and reliably. For all such exceptions, Lobab’s third-party intermediaries are under contractual and legal obligations to Lobab to keep your information completely confidential. Lastly, Lobab is also under an obligation, as is every organization, to deliver personally identifiable information if the law requires it, if the need to enforce Lobab’s site policies make it absolutely necessary, or if the need to protect the rights, property, or safety of Lobab or third parties compels it.

Your Right to Demand Deletion of Your Data

You retain a right to demand that Lobab correct, block, or delete your information at any time. You also retain a right to demand that Lobab forward to you a usable representation of your complete profile, including personally identifiable data, purchase histories, financial details, and any inferences about your purchase habits or preferences that Lobab has drawn from your prior feedback and retained on its servers. Moreover, you retain the right to revoke any consent that you have previously given to Lobab, and you may choose only partially to object to how Lobab has processed your data if you so prefer, even if Lobab never required specific consent from you for the transaction or access in question. You also maintain the right to contact Lobab’s Data Protection Officer whenever you wish, to clarify or to request a fuller understanding of your rights to data deletion.

Notwithstanding this stated right, should you choose to maintain any kind of contractual relationship with Lobab, Lobab is under a contrary obligation to retain any legally mandated or contractually necessary data from you, for the purposes of such legal relationship. Therefore, should you request that Lobab delete data necessary for contractual enforcement, Lobab will be under obligation to deny you that specific request. You may contact Lobab’s Data Protection Officer via the email below for clarification if desired:

Email: dpo@lobab.com (indicate subject line “Rights”).

Your Right to Appeal an Adverse Decision

If you feel that Lobab, or any party associated with Lobab, may have violated your rights under data protection standards by rejecting your request for some manner of data protection or deletion, you have the right to appeal the decision. At Lobab, the highest ranking individual for privacy concerns is the Data Protection Officer, who will serve as your first line of defense for data protection purposes (see the previous section for contact information). Nevertheless, depending on your country of residence, you may also have access to a public official whom you are free to contact to appeal our Data Protection Officer’s decision. In Europe, you would contact the European Data Protection Board.

Encryption Standard at Lobab

To transmit all content of a sensitive nature, including any personally identifiable information, Lobab utilizes SSL as its standard of internet security to protect all transmissions from possible interception by unauthorized third-party operators. This encryption also applies to all transactions between you and Lobab, such as product purchases and subscription matters. In addition, Lobab uses TLS encryption to ensure browser security when you are in contact with Lobab for any reason. You can confirm the activation of TLS encryption by identifying the lock-shaped icon and the presence of “https” instead of “http” at the start of the address bar (URL). The use of either SSL or TLS encryption prevents unauthorized third parties from capturing or reading any transactions between you and Lobab.

Affirmation of Consent

Your use of the Lobab app or access to the Lobab website constitutes your affirmation of consent to Lobab’s privacy policy.

Contacting Lobab

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to contact Lobab directly, via the following email address: