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We're here for you.

We strive to give you the best. So you can learn more. Faster.

Our whole company is built on the foundation of excellence. In fact, Lobab is an Arabic term meaning the very best, or the cream of the crop. We take great care choosing the most important key insights of top nonfiction to make them more accessible for you.

We empower readers all over the world with essential wisdom.

With full respect for the intellect of readers, our educated writers carefully craft the key takeaways from great books and make them available in one place.


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Our values

Living Our Values

Our dedication to producing high-quality summaries through collaboration aligns with our company values.

Creating a Meaningful Product

We work diligently to help people integrate relevant ideas into their busy lives.

Inspiring Discovery

We seek to connect people with impactful authors, learn about multiple topics, and expand their education.

Appreciating Teammates

Every member of our team and their contributions are highly appreciated.

Come be a part of the mission to make reading easy and fun.

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